The other day a customer came in who had recently been to see a dermatoligst about having laser treatments done.  She was very concerned about the evolution of her skin tone and the challenge in covering it up.  We got to talking about the product her doctor had recommended and the ingredients in it.  At my request she sent me a link on the products so that I could research it myself.  

Now, I'm not here to poo poo anything a doctor is recommending for you.  That's between you and your doctor and you need to make an informed decision on your own.  However, I will give you my opinion.  After researching the product (which will remain nameless) and the additional products within the line it got me thinking.  Does spending more money on skincare mean you will get better results???  

The skin "lightening" product was $125 and there was an additional serum you could use in conjunction with it for $270.  I guess if you're comparing it to laser treatments it seems very reasonable.  But remember you'll need to replenish these items when they run out and when you stop using them the dark spots will return.  It's the same results with laser treatments, you will get an initial treatment series and then will have to do maintenance laser work every year or two.  I could write a dissertation on melanin in your skin and how the dark spots and uneven skin tone work, but we'll save that for another blog.

The pictures showing the brands results were proof that they did in fact even out the skin tone of the subjects, but the discoloration was not completely gone and quite frankly I don't know that anything on the market will do that for you.  Even lasers.

I have seen the results of other skincare items that do just as much, if not more, than what this particular brand was claiming with much less of a financial investment.

Bottom line is.....more money does not mean better results.  There are plenty of drugstore brands as well as mid and high level price range products that show fabulous results.  We want so badly to remain youthful looking that we're willing to pay any price.  Aging is a part of life and although we don't need to take it laying down, we also don't need to put ourselves in the poor house.  Some physical characteristics about ourselves we can not change permanently and we need to learn to be more accepting of this as we grow older.  I'm not saying let yourself go, but CARE about yourself, take CARE of yourself and LOVE yourself even with all your flaws.  As women we need to do a better job of being happy being us.