You're probably asking, what is a konjac sponge?  Well, it's the newest most revolutionary thing to hit skincare in some time and its price is amazing!  For anywhere from $10-$15, this little all natural plant fiber sponge will transform your skin and your routine.  Maybe even your wallet!  
Used twice daily with your cleanser (foaming or non-foaming), first wet the sponge and then begin by massaging the sponge in small circular motions over your face, paying special attention to the t-zone area and avoiding the direct eye area.  Each time you wash, you're gently exfoliating and purifying the skin.  After just the first use you will see results with improvements to your skin texture and every day after a glowy even skin tone.  
We have been so impressed with these cute little sponges that it's prompted some of our clients to do away with their $200-$400 Clarisonic brushes!  So if you're thinking about investing in a Clarisonic take a moment before you do and try a konjac sponge.  
Totally worth the $10-$15!