be biotin

be biotin

Motivated by her personal and professional belief that quality hair styling and care should always reflect an equal combination of beauty and science, Giulia Heiman created BE Biotin as a safe and natural hair supplement to help men and women improve the quality and length of their hair, skin and nails. 

After years of regularly advocating all­ natural supplements and healthy eating habits, Giulia found that her clients were hungry for an alternative to unattractive drugstore bottles of generic vitamins. What they really wanted was access to a fun, effective, and completely customized version of the same type of product in the salon. 

So how does it work? BE Biotin is a completely one-­of-a­-kind universal supplement that makes hair grow longer and stronger. The key to its effectiveness is a unique ability to lower Dihydrotestosterone (also known as DHT), a testosterone ­related hormone that naturally increases as we age. Unfortunately for our hair follicles, DHT is a kryptonite that causes the hair to become weak, thin, or fall out completely. 

Until now, one of the most commonly known antidotes to DHT has been Propecia, a wildly successful (but highly chemical) hair treatment. While Propecia does lower DHT levels, it also unfortunately comes with a long list of side effects. 

The challenge? To figure out a way to replicate Propecia’s results naturally, without the same dangerous side effects. The BE Biotin formula does exactly this, through a unique combination of ingredients including Saw Palmetto, Pumpkin Seed, and Pygeum, three herbs that, when combined in studies, have proven to naturally lower DHT levels safely and effectively. 

As Well As Actively Improving Hair Growth And Quality, Giulia Wanted Her Product To Be Something That Her Clients Looked Forward To Taking. A Supplement That Was Not Only Effective, But Also At Home With Other Retail Products On Salon Shelves. 

After Partnering With An Investor And Working With A Top ­Rated Nutraceautical Lab In New York, Giulia Created A Formula That Naturally Lowers The DHT Hormone (More On DHT Here), And Incorporates 5000 Mcgs Of Biotin That Further Enhance And Support The Hair, Skin, And Nails. 

To Develop Beautiful Packaging That Represents BE Biotin’s Marriage Of Form And Function, Giulia Scoured Bottle Manufacturers And Created A Label Design That Represents Both Science And Beauty. 

After Only 4 Weeks Of Incorporating BE Biotin Into Their Daily Routines, Giulia’s Clients Began Reporting Demonstrably Clearer Skin, And Stronger Hair And Nails. 

After Seeing Such Marked Results Among Her Own Clients, Giulia Became Inspired To Share BE Biotin With As Many People As She Could By Making It Available Online, In Salons, And Retail Stores On Both Coasts. 

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