We are two women and three generations coming together to create a luxury brand for you. Our intent is to make beautiful natural, pure products of high integrity and simple luxury. All of our products are designed with the young, the mature, and the environment in mind. Keeping these products pure and simple are to help keep your skin beautiful the natural way. We look at our products as an external vitamin. We strongly feel that you should pay attention to what you put on your body just as much as what you put into your body. As women, our message to all women is to fret less today about the lines and wrinkles and focus more on the well-being and vitality of our skin.

The skin is the home of our bodies, where the true lines of our lives are revealed. We learned that people, not products, care for the skin so choose wisely. Though we say luxury, we are not a complicated brand. Oh, did we tell you who we are yet? We are a mother/daughter team bringing forward our healthy lifestyle. And who is Finn exactly? She is the third generation, who keeps us inspired, youthful and pure.