• liquid blendercleanser®

liquid blendercleanser®


Price: $18.00

Size: 5 oz (150 ml)

A flawless look starts with the perfect canvas – clean, beautiful, even skin.

  • Beautyblender is the most versatile make up tool you'll ever own.
  • Washable, re-useable, recyclable. Can be used with all types of makeup. Use damp or dry. We prefer damp. Very versatile applicator.
  • If you have problem skin Beautyblender works to cover blemishes. Use the pointed end and the stipple and twist technique to work make up into depressed areas of the face.
  • The stippling and twisting action feathers out the make up's edges, leaving a perfect finish.
  • Beautyblender is made from a latex-free, anti microbial foam to help fight bacteria and sensitive enough for those with allergies.




Use beautyblender® against your face when applying make up primers, eye treatments and moisturizing serums. Bouncing, called stippling in the make up world, blends product evenly onto the skin ensuring complete coverage.

Use beautyblender® pointed end for hard-to-reach spots like around the nose and mouth, and under the eyes. Use the round base on the larger areas of your face such as your forehead, cheeks and chin.

Use beautyblender® damp when applying primer or skin care products or makeup. When beautyblender® is wet it is normal for it to expand to nearly twice its original size. Wash after use with the new Solid™ cleanser and let air dry